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Vision Board:

journey to your inner world of images

Your Vision 2021

☆ You want to finish 2020 well and start the new year with courage.

☆ You want to take time to think about goals and dreams.

☆ You are looking for a way to bring your deep desires to the surface and into your life.

Why not using a vision board?

It is a powerful tool to achieve what you really want. A collage of images of your dreams, visions and goals. Your subconscious mind is spurred on to help you achieve all that you wish for. The board acts like a compass for your coming year.

​Online workshop

The workshop lasts two hours with a small group of 6 people max.

And don't worry, you won't be staring into your screen all this time. We will embark on a trance journey and afterwards create our vision boards.

Image by Noah Silliman
Image by Karina Carvalho
Image by rupixen
Image by Joe Caione
Image by krakenimages
Image by Pietro De Grandi

Journey to your inner world of images

The main part of this workshop is finding out what your subconsciousness wants to tell you about your next year. You will see images or scenes and use those on your vision board. 

These images are much more powerful than ones you choose rationally.

Example: your finances

You calculate and think that you would like to earn 50,000 Euros next year. You stick a picture of a pile of money on your vision board, or you write the number in large letters. When you look at the picture, it doesn't really trigger a feeling in you. It is simply a number, your goal, nothing more, nothing less. 

In contrast, in the workshop you go deep inside, ask your subconscious how you want to deal with your finances in 2021. 

In the trance journey you eventually see a room full of money flying around. It seems very chaotic. On the one hand, you notice that there is a lot of money available in the world. This feels wonderfully light and makes you really happy. On the other hand, you realise that your finances need order. Tidying up will help you to reach your money goal.

After you have seen this inner guiding image, this scene, you also stick a pile of money, or perhaps a picture of flying banknotes, on your vision board. Every time you consciously or unconsciously perceive the image, the feeling comes back: Yes, money is everywhere, I can easily reach my goal. And THAT brings the effect, not the picture itself. The feeling, the idea behind it, makes it easier for you to make your wish come true.


  • Warm-up exercises


Input about the vision board and its effect

  • A guided trance journey to your year 2020 and to the year 2021

  • Joint drafting of the vision board in our virtual craft room


Exchange & feedback

What you will get

  • Instructions on what you should prepare and buy in advance.

  • During the 5 days before the workshop each day one email in preparation: take a look back, prepare for the new.

  • Audio recording of the journey to your inner world. So you can do this visualization as often as you want.

Dates 2021

Please pre-register here and I will send you the dates for January and February 2021.


"It's nice to deal with your deep wishes, nice to see them shining off the wall again and again, and nice to have them come true."

- Clara, Grinberg Practitioner

"You created a wonderful framework for me to focus my attention and energy on things that seem important to me. Thanks to this inner retreat, I have become aware of what is really important."

- Sandra, Life Change Teacher

"I liked that you gave us a theoretical basis and gave us your own examples. I also thought your suggestions for the written reflection of our year were super. The length was ideal for me and I was pleased that you tuned us in with this imaginary journey, because I didn't know that in this form and sequence yet."

- Gabriele W., Writing Coach


Workshop Host

Hi, I'm Sissi, body coach, and since two years there is always a vision board hanging on my wall.

In 2019, I was able to fulfill a real childhood dream with it:
a house with a garden. It came into my life like out of the blue. After this success, I delved into the topics of visualizing and manifesting. It works.

Let me show you which wonderful images are waiting to be discovered within you. And then let these images work for you and bring something pretty new and exciting into your life.

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